First Delta East Bancorp

First Delta East Bancorp (FDE) offers private banking services through a team of dedicated professionals who provide superior banking and investment services to its clients. We build special relationships with each client, based on a unique blend of tradition, technical expertise and trust. We work closely with each individual client to create an ideal banking environment, offering convenience, discretion and efficiency.

First Delta East Bancorp

First Delta East Bancorp is a private Banking unit in Western Sahara, SADR (Western Sahara, SADR), young offshore jurisdiction which providing major benefits of the security and reliability of offshore banking.

Fast account opening

We provide services that help you to multiply your assets and create the future you want. Here at First Delta East Bancorp, we understand the definition of the success. That’s why we provide wide range of banking solutions tailored to the needs of both Private and Business customers.
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Business Banking

Whether you are a SME, a start-up project or a few million revenue company, at FDE Bancorp you will find a comprehensive range of business tools. Learn more

Private Banking

FDE Bancorp offers custom and personalized banking solutions for private individuals. Either you are looking for utility payments solution or a safe place to accumulate your earnings. Learn more

Debit Cards

Anonymous Debit Card is your ideal choice, whether to travel abroad, or to purchase online from around the world. Worldwide acceptance. Fixed fees. Learn more

Wealth Management

Experienced and well-educated stuff will assist you all the way through financial planning and specialized financial services to sustain and grow your long-term wealth. Learn more

Fiduciary & Trust Services

We assist companies and individuals in setting up asset protection structures, taking care of dividends and distributions, providing trust administration services. Learn more

CryptoCurrency Accounts

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous Learn more