Fiduciary & Trust Services

Fiduciary Service

Provided by FDE Bank is a combination of skills and experience in Finance, Litigation support, Accounting, Business operations and Administration. We can act on behalf of you or your company to manage assets and act in your best interests. We can act in the following fiduciary capacities: - Distribution Agent - Provisional Director - Mediator - Receiver - Attorney-in-fact - Custodian - Executors and administrators - Confidential advisor - Investment advisor  - Financial adviser  If you have any specific requests, not mentioned above, please contact one of our representatives. While someone opts for choosing themselves as a beneficiary, we highly encourage to appoint a trusted financial institution for this important role. We have handled many complex cases and can guarantee to all our customers financial stability to give peace of mind over the long term. - Asset protection structures There are many different strategies to accomplish the protection of your assets and our team is ready to help you in developing strategies to accomplish the protection of your assets. At FDE Bank we will help you to determine specific plan of actions considering such particular circumstances as: choice of jurisdiction, insurance, preliminary agreements etc.